Mastering Hypnotic Methods Video Workshop

Mastering Hypnotic Methods Video Workshop


Stream or download eight hours of video instruction from live classroom training.

Gain a clear understanding of what hypnosis is and how to produce it in others with confidence. Whether seasoned practitioner or novice, this hands-on two-day intensive training will give you classical direct methods and passive techniques that can be combined with other modalities such as bodywork, nursing, coaching, etc. Timothy brings his decades of experience teaching, working with clients, and utilizing hypnosis in novel environments to help you also use hypnosis effectively at any time and in any place. You too can become a master of hypnotic methods!


This course is approved for continuing education hours from The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners



Course includes:

  • What is Hypnosis?
  • The History and Applications of Hypnosis
  • Overview of the Hypnotic Process
  • Testing, Induction, and Demonstration Methods
  • Direct, Passive, and Instantaneous Approaches
  • The Production of Hypnotic Phenomena
  • How to Structure Effective Suggestions
  • Biological States Cultivation and Utilization
  • Conscious Integration and Post-hypnotics
  • Guided Practice Sessions
  • How to Teach Self-hypnosis
  • Working with Groups

Includes step-by-step manual filled with effective scripts, plus clear instructions for script-free hypnosis

Previous attendee’s remarks about Timothy Trujillo’s instruction:
Spectacular!!!!…So genuine and inspirational…Remarkably knowledgeable and entertaining at the same time….I feel extremely encouraged in my practice now…You have broadened my scope of possibility in this work.

About the Instructor

Timothy Trujillo is a world leader in the field of hypnosis. Trained by the legendary Gil Boyne and mentored by the Dean of American Hypnotists Ormond McGill, Trujillo has utilized his “hypnotism fever” to affect change throughout the world for decades. From the consulting room, to the medical clinic, to the ravages of disaster zones, he has helped individuals overcome physical and emotional challenges and experience peace and wholeness. Along the way, he has taught his traditional and innovative methods to students and practitioners of hypnotherapy, body-workers, therapists, and medical providers, including years of training childbirth doulas in Los Angeles. With a background in performing arts, he is popular as a guest instructor at several schools of hypnotherapy and presenter at conferences and expos.