Proclamation for Peace with Mother Earth

Proclamation of Costa Rica for Peace with Mother Earth 2012*

Whereas humanity faces a profound crisis due to the
degradation of the environment as a consequence of our
disconnection from Mother Earth;
Knowing that to find a solution to this crisis, a union is
necessary between the knowledge contributed by
contemporary science and the wisdom contributed by the
ancestral tradition of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples;
Recognizing that the people of Costa Rica have
demonstrated that they are peace-loving, respectful of human rights and responsible
in their relationship with nature;
Being that the Indigenous Peoples of Costa Rica, the brother Indigenous People of
the Miskitos and members of civil society that have signed the Peace Agreement with
Mother Earth are driving an alliance with the municipal system and Government of
Costa Rica to make it a nation with an inclusive, sustainable and carbon-neutral
development model by the year 2021;
Accepting that Mother Earth is a living being, that all forms of life are subjects
under the law and that sustainability and the mitigation of negative effects from
climate change will only be achieved with the active participation of all its
We invite all individuals, other Indigenous Peoples and Tribes, organizations,
businesses and the international community to join with signatories in
promoting and carrying out the following actions:
FIRST. Endorse the following Peace Agreement with Mother Earth:
“I choose here and now, freely and consciously, to make peace with Mother Earth and to do what I
must to live sustainably; to know, minimize and compensate my carbon footprint and to have Costa
Rica reach the state of Carbon-Neutral Nation.”
SECOND. Invite those who endorse the Peace Agreement to know, minimize and
compensate their carbon footprint in their respective countries, or through the
entities dedicated to this end in Costa Rica, regardless of their place of residence,
such that the investment is used to achieve the goal proposed by the Costa Ricans so
that other nations follow its example.
THIRD. Designate December 21st Day One, in honor of the traditional wisdom of
the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, for the necessary reconnection with Mother Earth.
FOURTH. Every year on Day One carry out the following activities:
1- Deliver to Governments the list of those signing the Peace Agreement as the
contribution and commitment of the local and international community to the
goal of carbon neutrality.
2- Ask the Heads of State to support and promote the draft legislation necessary
for reaching the goal proposed in each Nation.
3- Hold a fire ceremony of encounter and reconciliation that honors, welcomes,
supports, values and promotes the cultural diversity of the Indigenous and
Tribal Peoples, ethnic groups and cultures that inhabit each Nation.
4- Share a prayer for inner peace similar to the one to be held in Costa Rica:
“Knowing that I am evolution, that I am the purpose of life and that I am
the Earth; knowing that I am consciousness, that I am life and I am
humanity; Recognizing that I am responsible for what happens, that I am
the hope and I am the answer; I choose here and now, freely and
consciously, to do what I must to make peace with my essential nature,
becoming the person I want to be, constructing the life I want to live, and
making life on Mother Earth sustainable. Because there will only be peace
on Earth if I am at peace. So it is.”
FIFTH. In our name and in the name of our ancestors, we signatories invite the
rest of the world to declare December 21st of 2012 the first day of a new Era of unity
and peace with Mother Earth, conceived as a living and conscious being of which we
all form part.
Because we, the members of this alliance, and the men and women of good will of all
peoples and cultures, are those for whom we have been waiting. And because this is
the day our ancestors told us of.
In addition, we signatories declare ourselves members of a new nation without
borders: the Nation of Mother Earth, and we invite the rest of the world to
participate in this alliance, so that one day all of the Earth’s inhabitants can cry out
together, beyond our diversity:
December 10, 2012
Iztarú, Costa Rica
*This Proclamation was drafted by Fundación Gaia with the participation of
signatories of the Peace Agreement with Mother Earth up to December 11, 2012,
including the nine peoples of Costa Rica and our brother Miskito People of