Transpersonal Hypnotherapy at HypnoConnect2020

Learn to help your clients experience their greater Self

May 17, 2020    HypnoConnect2020

International Conference of The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners    Queen Mary – Long Beach, Ca

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Transpersonal therapies help clients explore and develop consciousness beyond the individual persona. Hypnotherapy is a transpersonal therapy; the dissociation of the hypnotic state allows the individual to experience a sense of “self beyond the self”. This is the domain in which conscious and behavioral changes occur. Additionally, hypnotic metaphors and journeys allow a framework for experiential programming to support the expanded self. The hypnotherapist may also employ other identity enhancing methods such as gestalt dialogue, dreamwork, regression, artificial reincarnation, divination, shamanism, ritual, and ceremony. Beyond liberating us from a fixed ego, through reintegration of these generated sensibilities, the events add greater dimension to the persona, allowing the emergence of a more dimensional or faceted self. Timothy L Trujillo teaches the magic of hypnotic transpersonal methods, demonstrates their effectiveness through live casework, and discusses their adaptation for a variety of therapeutic objectives.

Timothy L. Trujillo has integrated hypnotherapy, Reiki, acupuncture, and aromatherapy into a powerful healing system. He is an expert in pain relief, trauma recovery, and immune disorder management. He has provided certification programs in this work for multiple hypnosis associations. In his work he emphasizes patient education, conflict resolution, and self-care. Trujillo’s passion for using hypnosis to reduce suffering has carried his campaign from community agencies to medical centers to the United Nations, to disaster zones. Through First Medicines he has helped to deliver this system of care to HIV/AIDS-impacted populations in Los Angeles and led outreach projects in Guatemala, India, New Orleans, and Cairo, reaching beyond HIV care to address traumatic distress in survivors of tsunami, hurricane, and civil war. His delivery strategies have produced an accessible online resource ( in multiple languages. He chronicled this work in the book Tsunami Effect.