Reiki is an energy treatment method rooted in the Traditional Chinese Medicine discipline of Qi Gong.  “Usui Ryoho” Reiki was developed in Japan approximately one hundred years ago as a method to give greater liberty to the practitioner.  Reiki is rooted in the principle that the individual’s greater wisdom (Rei) knows its own needs and the operator uses Universal Energy (Ki) to flow like water to where it is needed. Because Reiki is based on an energy model that is ubiquitous and pervasive, treatment can be given through direct contact or by directed intention nearby or at a great distance.  The systems of Reiki are now quite diverse and practitioners use many elements that include guided meditation, stone layouts, and calming music. Reiki treatments in clinical practice are usually performed on a massage table and may include gentle hand placements on one or both sides of the body. Because the intervention seeks to restore the overall harmony of the individual, it is common for individuals to have profound internal revelations and “energy movements” both during and following treatment.