Hypnotherapy utilizes the state and process of hypnosis to help individuals achieve greater outcomes in performance and well-being.  Hypnosis helps individuals by allowing them to focus attention in a very special way, causing their objectives to become clearer, while obstacles often simply disappear. The relaxed mental state is also mirrored in a relaxed physical state presenting profound neuro-chemical and hormonal changes. Most individuals learn how to create this state for themselves with Self-hypnosis.

Therapeutic modeling and conflict resolution methods help remove emotional fixations that may limit success. The effectiveness of hypnotherapy has been recognized by the National Institute of Health and it is practiced without restriction throughout the US and in many countries.

The applications of hypnotherapy are vast. Common concerns that are addressed through hypnotherapy include such behaviors as nail biting, smoking and substance control; to emotional challenges such as depression, anxiety, panic and phobias; to performance enhancement in athletics, academics, and the creative arts; to health and wellness issues of pain relief, surgical and trauma recovery, sleep management, allergy control, weight management, fertility and childbirth, acute and chronic disease management, grieving  and palliative care.  The boundaries of its usefulness are as expansive as the human imagination.