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Mind & Body Healing services are provided through private consultations and group settings.  In addition to therapeutic consultations, one-on-one training consultations are also available. Consultations are available in-person in Oklahoma City .  They are also available by telephone and computer (skype).  In certain circumstances, travel to local and distant locations can be arranged.

Issues commonly successfully addressed include:

  • Stress Management & Sleep Management
  • Smoking Cessation / Substance Recovery
  • Body Image & Weight Management
  • Acute & Chronic Pain Management
  • Acute & Chronic Disease Management
  • Traumatic Distress (PTSD) Recovery
  • Palliative and Grief Therapy
  • Childbirth Preparation & Facilitation
  • Surgical Preparation & Recovery
  • Behavior Modification
  • Personal Development: Life-path, Goal-setting, and Achievement
  • Relationship Development & Conflict Resolution
  • Creative, Athletic, and Academic Performance Enhancement
  • Children’s issues: bedwetting, warts, school performance

Timothy L. Trujillo provides a number of mind and body healing services  including.

Acupuncture ◊  Reiki ◊  Reflexology

HypnotherapyDietary Therapy

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