Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment method that utilizes the placement of tiny needles into specific locations on the body known as points. These points are generally aligned on energy pathways known as meridians. The purpose of the treatment is to either resolve the blockage of energy or to empower the movement of energy, known as “Chi.” Touch, heat, light, electrical stimulation and suction are also used to help restore balance. Acupuncture and its many varied applications have been used for thousands of years and are now used throughout the world. Scientific research has found the treatment to be effective, although the mechanism by which it achieves its results is not fully understood.

The experience of acupuncture is generally painless, though the patient may experience initial or intermittent discomfort and a sensation of energy moving through the body known as “De Chi”. Conditions commonly treated successfully through acupuncture are acute and chronic pain, traumatic injury, weakness and fatigue, digestive complaints, allergy and respiratory weakness, and all genitourinary concerns, particularly leaky urine and infertility.  Results are usually achieved in a single treatment, but a series of treatments is often recommended.