Hypnosis for Managing Chronic Conditions

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners 2017 Virtual Conference

Worldwide Online April 22 – 23

Hypnosis has a noble history of helping individuals manage chronic conditions ranging from Allergies and Asthma, to Diabetes, to HIV/AIDS and other Immune Disorders, to Trauma Recovery.

Timothy Trujillo teaches effective evidence-based protocols and techniques to help clients take control of their conditions, resolve symptoms, and experience greater health. Chronic health conditions include Non-communicable and infectious diseases, disabilities, physical and mental impairment and lifestyle dynamics that can, over time, advance toward debility and even death, up to 40 million annually.

Supportive and self-care oriented hypnotic methods can, however, make an immense difference in quality of life, non-progression, positive health outcomes, and even comfort at end of life. In this workshop you will learn how to help make that difference.
•    The big picture of chronic conditions
•    Overview of common chronic health conditions
•    Understating and applying the Mind/Body interface
•    Time-tested protocols, techniques, and scripts
•    Effective application through case demonstration

This three hour workshop is part of a two-day marathon programming stream of over forty hours of instruction.

Twenty top hypnosis professionals from around the world share their knowledge and experience in a wide range of applications.

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