Self-Hypnosis Seminars

Self Hypnosis is one of the most powerful methods to empower growth and change.             Used effectively for physical well-being, stress reduction, pain relief, habit control, performance enhancement, personal and spiritual development, its potential is as limitless of your imagination.

Timothy Trujillo has been teaching self-hypnosis for over twenty years and has developed easy-to-use techniques to tap into what medical scientist are now referring to as the great frontier of healing, the Mind-Body Interaction.

Attend a single session and learn the Self-Hypnosis Method. Attend multiple session to enhance your effectiveness.

Three Areas of Mastery:

Self Hypnosis Pain Management

Self Hypnosis Health & Longevity

Self Hypnosis Expanded Consciousness


Learn a simple, yet highly effect technique to manage the power of your mind to produce


Price: $39.00

Program Includes:

Understanding Hypnosis: History, Science, and Methodology

Practical Questions Answered

Group Hypnotic Conditioning

Suggestion, Scripting, and Outcome Techniques



Location: 3601 N. Classen Blvd, Suite 103               Oklahoma City, OK      73110

register: 888 392 9663

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