Mind&Body Self-Care

Mind&Body Self-Care

Mind & Body Self-Care Plan         Six Sessions  $575

Designed for individuals with acute or chronic health conditions, surgical prep and recovery, and those who have experienced physical or emotional trauma.

Session One: Two Hours

Intake, Breathwork and Meditation, Polyvagal Theory & Vagal Toning

* Outline needs and objectives, review history, learn and employ fundamentals of Mind&Body Healing

Session Two: One Hour

Self Hypnosis Training

*Learn the history and applications of hypnosis, undergo testing methods their implications in Mind&Body Healing, experience hypnosis and learn simple self-guided method

Session Three: One Hour

BioEnergetics, Rieki, Acupoints

*Learn to activate and employ personal and ambient energetic resources and treat self with hands-on methods, including specific acupoints for personal needs

Session Four: One Hour

MindBody Physiology

*Learn the science of how the chemistry of thoughts and feelings affect the chemistry of physical well-being and applied hypno-meditative methods to manage symptoms and support greater health

Session Five: One Hour:

Internal Feng Shui

*Learn ancient Chinese wisdom to support greater harmony through the understanding and alignment of the flow of the “wind and water” of the mind through the emotional landscape of the internal organ system

Session Six: One Hour

Activation: Shodo Tai Chi

*Learn a simple meditative movement method to bring strength and harmony to mind and body and “receive an acu-meridian treatment from the cosmos

Acu-Reiki Self-treatment

This outline is a template for the program and can be tailored to individual needs and presenting concerns over the course of the plan. Each session concludes with a hypno-meditative practice to integrate the lesson into both mind and body.

Additional options include direct therapeutic work to overcome physical or emotional challenges, Chinese Dietary Therapy guidelines and custom recipe development, and Mayan Birth and Destiny Profile or Personal Mission Statement development to help clarify identity and place in the world.

Mind & Body Self-Mastery Plan: This program is similar to above, but is focused on self-development and personal achievement.

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