Hypnosis for Healing & Pain Control


Over 12 Hours of detailed instruction on the Science of Mindbody Medicine, Evidence-based hypnotherapeutic strategies, practical exercises, and live demonstrations make this one of the most comprehensive programs for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Course includes original manual with many scripts and scientific references to support the work.

*Approved for Continuing Education Hours by The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners



Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from a seasoned and innovative practitioner who has effectively applied healing hypnosis to a variety of settings from clinic, to hospital, to field. Participate in a dynamic hypnotic healing experience that includes:

  • Mastering clinical inductions, methods, and phenomena for healing support
  • The Hypnosis Health Protocol: strategies for symptom relief, stress management,  trauma recovery, and Thanatotherapy for grief, palliative, and end of life support
  • Conscious Holotropism: guiding the journey from injury or illness to wholeness
  • Mindbody Physiology: vagal tone, neuroplasticity, psychoneuroimmunology, microbiome, epigenetics, quantum biology
  • Classical Chinese Wisdom: yinyang, the principle of tides, and the causes of disease and harmony
  • Energetic Hypnosis: “suggestion” through hands-on, toning, and live music
  • Transpersonal and shamanic methods for fostering external resources

Mindbody therapies are achieving a high profile in modern medicine and hypnosis is a preferred evidence-based modality. Providers are searching for qualified practitioners who can offer this support to their patients. Through this workshop, attendees will enrich their existing knowledge, add to their skill set, and gain confidence to truly make a difference.