Tsunami Effect eBook


“This story is written like no other. It fully expresses how a combination of gentle techniques, various spiritual teachings and love can heal..”

“Timothy’s writing takes the reader on an amazing journey to a place most of us have never been and along the way shows what the  word compassion really means.”



Tsunami Effect is a story about the healing power of compassion.

It is the chronicle of a trauma recovery project in South India following the 2004 Asian Tsunami, one of the greatest natural disasters in modern history.

Told through the narrative of project director Timothy L. Trujillo, it is a tale of discovery in the midst of realizing a mission to reduce suffering. Infused with the flavors, colors, and spiritual mysteries that are the fabric of India, it could be subtitled, “Eat, Pray, Heal”.

Through multiple ‘on-the-ground’ case reports, Trujillo portrays the remarkable ability within individuals to recover from life-challenging trauma and profound grief. As a pilot project to demonstrate the effectiveness of mind/body therapies, it is a story within a greater odyssey to take the same methods that have helped people with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles to the entire world.

He follows up the India story with review of responses to other disaster events since and how they are shaping our understanding of the impact of overwhelming circumstances and methods of coping with post-traumatic distress.

Tsunami Effect is a must-read for anyone who has ever wanted to make a difference.