Internal Feng Shui



Feng Shui is a system that is used to enrich health, wealth and happiness by organizing free-flow through our environments. Modeled on the movement of wind and water, this philosophy is at the center of Traditional Chinese Medical Theory.  When there is free flow, there is no pain.  While the practice of Feng Shui is primarily focused on external environments, similar principles can be directed to internal landscapes in order to promote greater health and well-being.  Timothy Trujillo guides an odyssey through the “internal environment” from a TCM perspective. Learn how thoughts and emotions generate wind and water through the mind and body. Explore how the “remodeling” of the abode of our spirit can promote a more healthy and harmonious life.  This workshop is designed for hypnotherapists and counselors who would like to incorporate this model into their work and for individuals who would simply like to enrich their lives.